What is electrosmog?

Electrosmog is what we collectively call the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, which are a by-product of ever-increasing technological advancement.

Nowadays, there is no place on our planet where this phenomenon isn’t perceivable and measurable.
The wires in our walls only add to this, and the harmful radiation has inconstant but measurable cell biological risks.
Radiation, an unnoticeable phenomenon for humans and most of wildlife, exists all around us without our clear and immediate knowledge.

A person’s vital organs are over 70% water and our blood’s haemoglobin contains iron which is magnetic, meaning its molecules can be caused to vibrate by means of an outside source.

The growing electrosmog and other harmful radiations have the following health risks and health problems associated with them:
As shown, the constant presence of electrosmog has a negative effect on the regular functioning of our bodies, it affects our circadian rhythm, brain activity and hormonal system and it can cause long lasting impairment to our health.
Since we are not safe even in our homes, places of work or cars, we need radiation protection just as well as a health-conscious lifestyle and a proper diet in our everyday life.


What protects us?

With the help of long years of research and the advice of experts in the field we have created a protective system.
This protective unit filters harmful electromagnetic, low and high frequency radiation, radon radiation, and negative earth radiation as well, thus substantially decreasing the health risks of these effects.

By regularly using protection against harmful radiation the cell membrane opens, (despite using cell phones, basic exposure to radiation, WiFi, computers and electronic appliances).

This way vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and amino acids, which are parts of a healthy diet, can be absorbed into the cells and burned for high amounts of good quality energy on a cellular level. Also, the toxic by-products can more easily be transported out of the cells and the body.

The ProtActive Field system utilises technology, materials and devices already proven useful in the EU, which we upgraded, built upon and made into a unified system.

Thanks to our experience in the field, besides the SHS OFFICE, CAR and BUSINESS complex branches we have created the product SHS HOME which creates a protActive field around our homes.